Co-packing, repacking of goods

We offer practically any type of packaging operations: sealing, stapling, shrinking, unloading of containers (including palletization according to customer requirements). We have dozens of global manufacturers of sealers. Goods are packed in accordance with the specifications of our customers. We produce promotional sets consisting of combining two or more products. We pride ourselves on execution of tens of thousands of promotional stands for the largest retail chains in Europe.

Labeling, marking of goods

The so-called. “Rebranding” of goods performed for the client to ensure the continuity of their sales.

Selection, sorting, quality control of goods

We make 100% inspection of the goods according to quantitative or qualitative characteristics specified by the Client. Results of controls we present in the form of professional reports.

Assembly and disassembly ofproduction components

Operations that significantly increase Client production efficiency . Their outsourcing allows the customer to focus on its strategic business processes and ensure continuity of production during periods of so-called Pick seasonal ingredients. Operations of assembly / disassembly are performed in our warehouses or on request of Clint directly in the assembly lines.

Road transport

We can transport loads from 100 kg to 24.5 tons in to any place in Poland as well as across the EU. Our specialty are so-called “Rush shipments” weighing up to 1.5 tons of cargo. In our disposal are 5 cars with a capacity of 1.2 tones up to 3.5 tones.